Be a Penalty Hero and win €1,000

This summer, we’re bringing a taste of football to the poker table with our new Penalty Hero game and giving you a shot at the €1,000 cash prize at the same time.

Collect tokens and then test your nerve against the keeper by scoring penalties. Battle your way to the final and keep your cool to win that big cash prize. The great news is that your first token is on us so why not sharpen your aim now!

How to play: The promotion runs from 13th June until 31st July.

How to earn tokens: Play Cash games or Sit & Go's to earn tokens in 3 different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Earn up to 5 tokens per tier (up to 15 tokens in total per day).

How to use your tokens: Once you have earned at least one token you can play the Penalty Hero in client game. In the Penalty Hero game, you are facing the goalkeeper and can decide between 6 options where to shoot the ball. You start in the group stage and the aim is to progress through the round of 16, Quarter final, Semi Final and beat the goalie in the Final.

What you can win:






If Lost

If Won

If Lost

If Won

If Lost

If Won



Round of 16

Bronze Freeroll Ticket


Silver Freeroll Ticket


Gold Freeroll Ticket


Quarter final

1 x Bronze Token


1 x Silver Token


1 x Gold Token


Semi final

2 x Bronze Token


2 x Silver Token


2 x Gold Token



€4 Cash Ticket

€20 Cash

€50 Cash Ticket

€200 Cash

€200 Cash Ticket

€1000 Cash

The freerolls:

10 x Multi-Entry Flip freerolls are available in the poker client every Sunday starting June 17th to August 5th.

€500 Bronze Flip 19:05 CET
€1000 Silver Flip 19:15 CET
€4000 Gold Flip 19:25 CET
€500 Penalty Flip 19:45 CET

Tokens can be accumulated but will expire on 1st August at 00:00 CET, after the promotional period.

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Terms and Conditions
  • This promotion will run from 00:00 CET on the 13th June to 23:59 CET on the 31st July.
  • The promotion is open to all players.
  • Players can earn up to 5 tokens per tier (Bronze; Silver and Gold) per day. Up to 15 tokens in total per day.
  • Players need to see 25 flops in Cash Games Stakes or play 5 Sit & Go’s low stakes in order to earn 1 token per tier.
  • Low stakes (Bronze) cash games: Hold’em NL4 and NL10; Omaha PL4 and PL10; Banzai Hold’em NL1 and NL5.
  • Low stakes (Bronze) Sit & Go’s: €1, €2 and €4 buy-ins.
  • Mid stakes (Silver) cash games: Hold’em NL25 and NL50; Omaha PL25 and PL50; Banzai Hold’em NL20.
  • Mid stakes (Silver) Sit & Go’s: €10; €25 buy-ins
  • High stakes (Gold) cash games: Hold’em NL100, NL200, NL400; Omaha PL100, PL200, PL400.
  • High stakes (Gold) Sit & Go’s: €50; €100; €200 buy-ins
  • Flops seen progression have a 1 day rolling expiry – that means that flops seen progression towards 25 flops is saved as long as a player see at least 1 flop by the end of the following day for that tier.
  • Progression towards 5 Sit & Go’s played have a 1 day rolling expiry – that means that progression is saves as long as a player plays at least 1 Sit & Go by the end of the following day for that tier.
  • In Flip tournaments, players receive 1 chip per entry (maximum of 10 entries) and all players are all-in until all finishing positions are determined. The more chips you start with, the greater chance you have of finishing in the money.
  • The flip freerolls are held every Sunday between 17th of June and 5th of August. Bronze flip 19:05 CET, Silver flip 19:15 CET, Gold flip 19:25 CET and Penalty flip 19:45 CET.
  • Only the corresponding ticket can be used to buy in to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Flip tournaments, in the Penalty Flip freeroll any ticket can be used.
  • Freeroll tickets expire after 14 days. Freeroll tickets cannot be exchanged for an alternate prize, any unused ticket will expire worthless.
  • Tokens can be accumulated but will expire on 1st August at 00:00 CET, after the promotional period.
  • A ‘flop seen’ is any hand where you have not folded before the flop is dealt.
  • A day starts at 00:00 and ends at 23:59 CET.
  • Unibet reserves the rights to amend or terminate the bonus at any time. Amendments to the bonus will not be made after you are opted in, unless there is sufficient evidence to show you are attempting to break the rules of the promotion.
  • In the event of inconsistency or discrepancy between the English version and any other language version of these Terms and Conditions, the English language version shall prevail.
  • General Unibet Terms and Conditions apply.
  • 18+