Pre-Flop Strategy in Online Poker (Part 1)

Needless to say playing the right hands before the flop in online poker will result in you making much easier decisions on later. Lowering the amount of hands you play prior to the flop will help you in avoiding making rather costly errors on post-flop betting rounds.

Good basic strategy is to always take your position into account whether making decision on whether or not to enter a hand pre-flop. We suggest that the later your position, the better. Only play strong hands in early position whilst opening up the starting hand standards during the middle position.

Before looking at your cards

If you look at your hole cards the moment you receive them then you’re missing out on watching the other players while they’re looking at their own hole cards. This is your golden opportunity at reading an opponent’s hand. Try not to miss it as your cards are definitely not going to change by the time you play.

It’s a good idea to watch other competitors before looking at yours. If you suspect what other players are about to do, you might want to rethink your pre-flop actions. Poker players that are so transparent are not worth watching.

There are also other players that don’t give away anything while looking at their cards or rather they don’t look at the cards until it’s their time to act. You need to keep an eye on them to see what they do after they have a look at their cards.

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