Trick Your Brain into Playing Better Online Poker

Many claim that the game of online poker relies greatly on psychology with the cards being secondary. We tend to agree that your mental condition influences your gameplay and can easily help you achieve better results by learning how to control your brain.

Positive Visualisation at Online Poker       

Regardless of your poker skill level, playing online poker can be a tad nerve-wracking especially if you’re just starting out. Positive visualisation is essential to help you relax when you’re playing poker. Just apply it during your preparation and just before you start playing and practice, practice, practice.

Just find a quiet spot to relax and picture yourself playing a poker tournament. Imagine yourself confident and that you will succeed at winning the tournament.

Anchoring in Online Poker

You can’t be a poker player without self-confidence and the ability to handle stress. You need to trick your brain to send positive vibes with a technique called Anchoring.  Anchoring uses a sensation relationship to your advantage to help you be more positive.

All you need to do is to find a gesture that you will use every time you feel a positive sensation. You need to repeat this so your brain will automatically associate the gesture with this sensation.

Apply your anchoring move when you feel confident, happy, etc in your daily life so you can progress to apply it at the poker table unconsciously.  Eventually your anchoring gesture will become instinctive and will benefit your everyday life increasingly.

Apply the above methods to help you succeed at online poker.

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