The Psychology Behind Post-Flop Play

One of the most important strategies in online poker is post-flop play. In fact, an emerging trend states that some players are recommending violating the many basic principles of pre-flop play.

We will here run through some essential and fundamental elements of post-flop play.

Position is King

This is a no-brainer. Adjustments must be made for position as the later you act, then most of everything will loosen.  A standard advice is that position is crucial prior the flop rather than in post-flop. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong but you also need to consider the post-flop positional consequences of decisions made pre-flop.

Aggression in online poker

It’s a commonly-known myth that most post-flop players are aggressive. Of course players with a strong and aggressive game will have an edge but the aggression must be toned down by position, the nature of the table and the hand you have.

Folding in online poker

If you’ve witnessed a lot of flops, there will always be many hands where you either miss or hit. You need to recognise the time when you need to get out and cut on your losses. There is obviously no shame in folding to the same competitors several times especially if someone has pushed you off of two or three hands.  Don’t let them get under your skin especially if your ego gets bruised as that’s the perfect concoction for mistake and disaster.

Imagine this unhappy outcome: You enter pots with your competitor out of position or with the worst hands, you call bets and raise when you shouldn’t have and fail to pay attention to the other competitors at the table.

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