The Basics of Poker Bounty Tournaments

Bounty tournaments also known as Knockout tournaments are big hit. The one key difference compared to other types of poker tournaments is that in these games, you get a cash price for each player you knock out.

Normally in regular bounty tournaments ranging between 20 to 50% of their buy-in. In progressive knockout bounty tournaments the cash price for each player you knock out can differ. In those tournaments you win a certain portion of the bounty from the player you knock out directly and the portion left over is added towards your own bounty, so that bounties on players’ heads will increase while the tournament progresses.

Anticipate and adjust for better play: Since Bounty games are entertaining, it attracts a range of recreational poker players who might have little poker knowledge or strategy in mind when playing. So, expect to see some crazy bets all-in showdown in the early stages of the game. Adjustments will give you a better chance of gaining value from your made poker hands and therefore a lower success rate for bluffs.

Say no to Cooperation Plays: In normal poker tournaments, when you are close to the bubble, players will check-down a poker hand when a smaller stacked player is all-in. Bounty tournaments tend to eliminate this move except for some minor exceptions towards the end of the game.

When Small Stacks are added to the Pot: This move will provide you with plenty of opportunities to force the bigger stacks to fold and getting heads-up with the smaller stacks. If you see a big stack going all-in with weak hands to get smaller stacks, then you can look for spots to get all in.

Be above average with chips: Stay aggressive enough to be a little ahead of the majority of your opponents so when the big stacks happen, ensure that you get paid those bounties as well as the chips.

Keep an eye on the prize pool: Remember that the big money is at the final table. Make sure you don’t get side-tracked from this by the knockout battles earlier in the games.

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