Sit & Go Tournaments and Strategies

Highly popular in the poker world, Sit & Go tournaments stimulate the final table experience, meaning that sooner or later there is a lot of action. With blinds doubling every 10 minutes or so, the action and drama are high. Read our previous article about the basics of Sit & Go Tournaments.

Unlike multi-table poker tournaments where only the top 10% make the money, the 3 players at the top get in fact, awarded prize money in a 10-man single table game. This might explain why these type of tournaments attract many beginners as well as skilled poker players who make money from these games.

Let’s go into the details of a typical Sit & Go game:-

The Early Stage

You need to play very tight in the early stage of this tournament since the blinds are fairly low but make sure that you accumulate chips by contesting pots.

-          Never attempt to slow play as a chip in hand is worth two in the pot

-          Don’t go chasing drawing hands

-          Don’t risk survival for some more chips

-          Don’t go all-in unless you’ve got the nuts

The Middle Stage

At this stage there should be about 5 players still left in the poker game. This is the time when you need to start being more aggressive and making a couple of bluffs. Keep an eye out for the players who start to play tight and are hoping to inch into the money.

When it comes to such players, attack when you can since they are more likely to fold and retreat when they strike back.

-          Go after the weak players and avoid strong ones

-          Attempt to take out the short stacks. However if you think you have the upper hand, move all-in.

The Late Stage

This is the time to step up your game and get really aggressive to get yourself to the top. Settling the blinds should be your top and foremost priority as part of your poker strategy. Steal with starting hands that still have a shot at winning a showdown since your competitor may call and you might flop something good.

Also be selective to give the impression that you don’t just steal with any hand. In turn, your opponents will respect your raises and fold.

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