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April 22, 2020

Unibet Private Poker - Poker Home Games and Tournaments


Many of our online poker players started out by playing a few hands in a home poker game with friends and family. From that starting point, it’s been possible to get involved with high stakes tournaments against competitors from all over the world but there are times when it’s nice to get back to basics and to where it all began.

The potential to play online poker with friends is now a reality so, for those who want to keep their games on a more personal level, the Unibet Home Poker game solution is a perfect option.


Note: We’ve now simplified the process of registration for private - home online poker tournaments:

All you need to do is:

  • Make sure you have at least 6 players
  • Fill out THE FORM at least 48h before the tournaments starts
  • Make sure that all players have an active Unibet account before the tournament starts with enough balance to meet the buy-in requirements.
  • You can choose to play from:
    • Desktop (PC and Mac)– the browser directly – just head over to and click “instant play”
    • Desktop (PC and Mac) – the desktop client – download the client from the Poker page. It’s the recommended way of playing from a Desktop computer as it will provide for the best experience.
    • Mobile (iOS and Android) – download the Unibet Poker app, login and play – can be found here
  • Make sure that you follow Unibet’s T&Cs at all times (can be found on the form page).


Alternative way - Get in Touch

Please note that before you start your own private poker game, Unibet will need a minimum of six players to be involved. There is a lower buyin level set at 1 Euro and a top limit of 50 Euros at all times.

As long as you can meet those requirements, your game can be set up and here’s what you need to do to kickstart the process:

Firstly, head to the Unibet Community page and the thread which relates specifically to playing virtual poker with friends. At the bottom of that page, there is a discussion thread and players will need to enter the following details:

  • First, we need a name for the tournament: Find a snappy title that sums up you and your friends and remember to keep it clean.
  • Second, let us know the date and start time using Central European Time (CET). That takes care of the basics and now we need a few more specific details.
  • Please tell us about your intended game format - what do you require in terms of rebuy, freezeout, PKO and KO? The amount of players - between 6 and 9 - will also need to be confirmed. Lastly, please make us aware of the level up time/ tournament speed and starting stack.
  • Once all of that information has been passed on, your game can be set up and it will be ready to play from the time specified.


The App that keeps it Personal

Unibet’s new private table poker app has been specifically designed to keep that friendly yet competitive edge. While the thrill of open tournament play will continue to drive us, there’s nothing quite like a night in with mates and a few hands of Texas Hold’Em or whatever your preferred version might happen to be.

However, it’s not always possible to get everyone together round the table but when you can’t be there in a physical sense, that’s when Unibet’s private poker room takes over. It’s designed to bring all your friends together online.


Get the Download

All players involved will need to download the private table poker app. It’s available for both Android and iPhone and it can also be used as a web client and desktop app under various operating systems. It’s free and fast to load and you can download it simply by visiting the apps page.

Once the app has been installed, players now enter their own private poker room and it’s time to set up the game. Each game can be set up and designed as a bespoke tournament to meet individual requirements. That offers players some great flexibility and it means that we will need some details in order to set up the table.



Benefits and Features

Having your own private table poker game can offer obvious benefits to those who prefer to keep a friendly atmosphere, while maintaining that competitive edge. Nothing could replicate the feel of a game in the physical world - round a friend’s house, or in the local pub - but there will be times when this simply isn’t possible.

Work commitments, babysitting duties, illness, travel problems and other factors can get in the way and that’s one of the reasons why playing private online poker with friends can be a real bonus. Inability to travel should no longer be able to get in the way of your fun so just follow those simple instructions and Unibet can have your game set up and ready to go at your requested time.

Having the home poker option to play with friends can also take a lot of pressure away from the host as the client does all the work. OK so it can't get the drinks in and we won’t be able to send any snacks or takeaways round but we’ll pretty much take care of everything else.

Organising stakes, dealing cards and continuing that staking process can be a headache at times - particularly when the games go long into the evening and the players simply want to focus on their own cards. By organising your private poker games online, the set up via Unibet’s app takes care of all of that process and that’s an obvious benefit, particularly for the host of the party.


Make New Friends


Since launching the private table poker app at the Unibet community page, a number of our customers have used the service to reach out to new players. This is, after all, a community and it’s great to see our account holders interacting in this way.

To join them, simply head to the page and look through the threads to see if there is a game set up that you can join. Alternatively, it’s easy just to add your own post and look for like-minded souls who will get involved in your private poker room.

Alternatively, if you already have your friends and the date lined up, just post that request and the team at Unibet will set your poker game up, ready for you and your mates to take to the tables.


To Round Up

To be able to access the private table poker app, players can use either of the two main platforms - iOS or Android. The app can also be downloaded to web client or desktops; simply head to the Unibet community page and click on this link to download.

The desktop option works with Mac/OSX and Windows and there is even a version that will fit Linux operating systems.

Note the information that we need to get the game up and running and also, please pay attention to terms and conditions. In addition to Unibet’s general ts and cs, please note that collusion and chip dumping is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with in line with our usual terms and conditions.

For the ultimate in flexibility and the chance to keep some friendly tournaments going while retaining that competitive edge, our private poker room is proving to be extremely popular and now is the perfect time to round up your mates and get involved.


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