Poker Psychology: How to Turn Yourself into an Ace Poker Player

Moving on from being a good poker player to an ace winning poker player is quite tricky. You need to distinguish yourself between a winning one who has sufficient number of hands that are reliable and wins money and a good player who doesn’t necessarily always win.

Here are our top tips on how to move on from being a good poker player to a winning one.

Online poker and experience

Potentially one of the most important attributes in moving up a step. It is almost impossible to become a great player without spending hours at the table and seeing a huge number of hands. And since online poker is quite fast paced, you’re likely to see hundreds of hands an hour. Start off by playing small stakes while you’re gaining experience.

Willingness to learn in online poker

It is pointless to spend a lot of time playing online poker unless you work on understanding and thinking about what your opponents are doing. You will need to seek other better poker strategies from poker players who will be able to teach you a thing or two.

Controlling emotions in online poker

It is important as we’ve pointed in our Poker Tilt series to stay logical and analytical when playing online poker. Because emotions aren’t able to deal with probability and randomness, they could distract you from playing to your optimum best.

Being social in online poker

One of the key elements in online poker is that you have the willingness to learn. This in turn will allow you to get into the best online poker games whilst becoming friends with strong poker players that will help you improve further.

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