Multi-Table Tournaments: Middle Blind Levels

Last week, we went into how to be successful at the early blind levels of a poker multi-table tournament. This week we will go over the most complex of blind levels – The Middle Blind Level.

By the time you reach this stage, most of the bad players would have been weeded out and you can breathe a sigh of relief albeit for a moment or two. Tight players will be on the lookout waiting to use their aces to crack you so stay guarded.

Unless you have a big stack, you can’t wait for premium hands throughout the tournament and even if you do, you have to make sure to avoid as many tight situations as possible.

Here we will provide you with a quick guide on how to play according to your stack size.

A big stack

It might seem easy when you have a large stack to play with but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start to relax.

It’s best to evaluate the current status of the table before you even begin. If it’s tight, you will need to put your big stack into use and test shorter stacks’ blind as often as possible provided you have decent hands.

If the table is loose, you will need to keep playing with premium starting hands and to raise blinds only when you’re in a good position.

An average stack

This is where the majority of the players are at. You want to loosen up here, adding hands such as A-Q and JJ to your starting hand list.

When you decide to go ahead and raise, you’d likely want to bet the flop. If there’s a tight player around you, raise his blinds double with any two cards and bet the flop.

Stay tight through the rest of the round.

A small stack

If you’re stuck with a small stack, become aggressive in the middle rounds and when you spot a weakness, bet all-in. Never get blinded out and raise blinds by going all-in with decent hands.

Add any pair to your starting hands as long as you’re in late position to raise the blinds. If you have a pair such as 9-9 or 10-10, go all-in from any position.

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