Multi-Table Tournament Strategy – Late Blinds

Well done! You’ve made it to the final stage and reached the late blind levels. This is where you will have to make your toughest decisions yet. This article will follow up our previous news items about Early Blinds and Middle Blinds.

Usually at this stage, you would either be out of money or at the final table. If you’re more inclined towards winning the poker tournament rather than placing, here are some ways to help you build up a chip stack to help you in your cause.

Forget the cards

You almost never will be able to get the cards in the later rounds but at this stage you can still build a large chip stack by raising the blinds while everyone is trying to get to the money. With a lot of risk involved, most of the time people won’t call you when you raise the blinds. If you’ve been playing tight throughout the game, you now have the chance to steal many blinds.

Out of the money strategy

If you’ve been playing tight throughout the entire poker tournament, then you’re a qualified expert in bluffing. When the blinds get high, you can just about pick and raise two cards. Keep a lookout for tight players and if you miss them, put players to a decision for every chip right in front of them.

If you raise the pot and get a caller, bet the flop nonetheless. Your opponent is bound to miss the flop and you can take the pot down. If however, he re-raises, just fold and do it again on the next round of blinds.

Huge stack strategy

If you own an average or a small stack, you may want to stick to the abovementioned strategies. If you happen to be the chip leaders or find yourself in the top 10, you may want to play a little tighter.

Play as you did in the earlier rounds. If you have a tight player left to act after you, raise his blinds with any two cards and be prepared to make a profit.

If on the other hand, you have a really large stack, play a lot tighter than usual. If you’re catching some decent pairs, you might want to raise the blinds sporadically. Just be careful or you might lose your chips easily.

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