Mistakes Beginners Make at Online Poker When Starting Out

Playing at too many poker tables or treating every player the same is only a few of early poker-playing sins. In our opinion, there is no better teacher than experience when it comes to avoiding making critical mistakes. Here are a few of our pet peeves in online poker.

Miss using Starting Hand Charts

Starting hand charts are a necessity when you’re starting out at online poker as they will alleviate pressure on your mind by narrowing down the choices you have to make at the beginning of every hand and ultimately they define poker hand rankings and positional suitability.

What is it wrong to use them? It’s not really but you also need to be more flexible without becoming too rigid.

Treating each player equally

You should never base the playability of your hands on the strength of your holding and not the strength and weakness of your opponent. You should never treat all opponents the same.

Too many poker tables

Although some people find it boring to play at one table, you need to play one table until you can consistently make a profit over a sustained period then adding a second table and repeat.

Playing online poker when tilted

Every will suffer from time to time of poker tilt so it is crucial that you understand what might be triggering it and how to introduce measures to soften the fall out.

It can happen to the best of us so it is best to be prepared to deal with this early.

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