Learn the Basics of Sit & Go Tournaments

If you’re fairly new to online poker, then Sit & Go tournaments are ideal for you; they don’t cost much to enter and will last under an hour. Here you will be able to get a feel for shifting hand values, the sizes of chip stacks, position and aggression.

But first, take a seat at a table and wait for other players to join you. The game is on!

Benefits of Sit & Go

  • Available every hour daily
  • Very little waiting time
  • You don’t have to commit a lot of time unlike other poker tournaments
  • Bigger chances of winning due to prize structure
  • Fixed buy-ins start from a small amount of money making them affordable and help players with a limited bankroll

Sit & Go basics

Like other poker tournaments, the buy-in structure is divided into two parts namely: money that goes into the prize pool and the poker room’s entrance fee.

Sit & Go poker tournaments consist of either 6-max or 9-max players but can also range from “heads-up” 2-player games to large multi-table events accommodating a lot more players.

Sit & Go formats

Sit & Go come in various formats for you to choose from which gives the poker tournament a most interesting twist. Below are some various Sit & Go formats:

  • Double or Nothing: Unlike most traditional poker tournament payout structures, 50% of the players cash in during these Sit & Go games. The price for the top half of the players is double their buy-in (minus fee), while the other half get nothing.
  • Knockout/Bounty: In this type of tournament, part of the buy-in also forms part of the player’s bounty. If you throw over another player, you will win their bounty but if you win the whole tournament, you will still collect the bounty.
  • Satellite: Instead of cash prizes, these tournaments award entries into larger buy-in tournaments. This allows players to play in more expensive poker tournaments without risking much.

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