How to Lose the Bare Minimum in Online Poker

All poker games lose value when your opponent manages to read your strategy correctly. Some plays only have value when your opponent is not capable of reading your intent or adjusting their strategy accordingly.

For this particular reason, many poker plays against weaker opposition have little value when playing higher-stakes games where tougher opposition will read your strategies and make correct adjustments to them.

Read on to learn more on how to lose the bare minimum in online poker.

Play within your bankroll

You need to absolutely play within your bankroll if you want to make money. If you follow this rule closely, then you’re in little-to-no- risk of going broken.  Checking the amount of your online poker bankroll should be as easy as clicking a button and you can easy fall into micro-managing your poker account.

When you’re winning, every time you check your balance you will feel good. But it only takes one beat to make that number go down.

Treat the game seriously

Even the smallest of mistakes will cost you money and the more money you lose, the harder it will become to generate profit and to keep you from going broke. As soon as you start playing online poker without paying much attention, you will almost certainly start making mistakes.

You shouldn’t also play out of boredom and if you’re having a boring game, chances are you’re going to make ill-advised moved to push the action

Pay attention to your health

Because we’re human we need constant maintenance to stay healthy and to play your best poker. Make sure you’re not hungry and that you’re comfortable when you’re playing as otherwise you will be distracted and won’t be making your most rational moves.

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