How to Deal with Poker Tilt

As poker players, we are all quite familiar with the term Tilt. It’s one of those damaging forces in the online poker world. This is why we’ve created an article that will help you dealing with tilt in a better way. 

Tilt and Variance in online poker

Since the origin of tilt is often variance, you can rest assured that there will frequently be random winning and losing streaks to go along with set-ups. These punishing situations tend to lead to poker players losing their focus by distracting them from regular gameplay thus leading to tilt.
The player’s skill level is not the only decisive factor that leads to long-term success in online poker. You also require a lot of mental strength that will help you stay focused in such situations.

Luck in online poker

One of the most crucial things when it comes to online poker is your ability to deal with both sides of luck, whether good or bad. If you let emotions get to you, then you’re more likely to lose as your mind won’t be focused.

Different forms of tilt in online poker

Recognizing the reasons and various forms of tilt in online poker is the first essential step in achieving what every poker player desires: Being able to control tilt and dealing with it.

Playing emotionally instead of logically

Many things can trigger off tilt including tiredness, sadness and bad luck to mention a few and alas, these are all responsible for players playing emotionally. There are usually individual reasons for going tilt but we’re all susceptible to it.
Emotions can take part in a series of events. You could potentially dislike a player and start to confront this player with weak hands and playing aggressively for example. This is only one example out of a series of examples that can influence your game.
The more you let your emotions take over, the worse you’re likely to play.

Tilt and rationality in online poker

Whichever level you are playing on, you always must make rational decisions when playing online poker. Don’t allow emotions to take over your game as this leads to your decisions deviating from rational ones.
This in turn will lead to horrific consequences for your bankroll. Keep in mind that tilt can surprise you and can show up in several different manners.
If you’re not focused, you could easily lose a game and make less than optimal decisions.


Advice on how to deal with poker tilt

Make sure you check on your emotions before you sit down for a poker game. Learning to understand your emotions though is only a fair step to conquering tilt but it can still cost you a lot of money.
If you notice that you are beginning to lose control on your emotions while playing online poker, follow the below tips:

  • Take a break from playing. It will give you time to cool down and the ability to refocus whilst also being cost-effective.
  • Read as many articles as possible on online poker techniques so you can master all the very basics.
  • Go down to the micro-limits and only give a couple of stacks away so it will cost you very little. Or try one of our freerolls, this way you can still play without having the possibility to lose any money.
  • Step down a limit or two to a level which you know you can beat so you can built on your confidence.
  • Stop bluffing and play tight and aggressive online poker by getting back to basics.

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