How Online Poker Can Help with Life Decisions

April 26, 2016

Since every conscious act requires an element of risk, every conscious act also requires decision. Put these two together and you have the secret to success in live. Making good decisions together with risks will help you gamble well.

Here are tips on how poker helps you with life decisions.

Don’t beat yourself up over decisions

If you don’t have the information that you need or should have had, then don’t beat yourself up over decisions.  This is especially true in online poker such as when a player asks after a hand is over to see what card could have come. There’s a common tendency that players see what cards could have come had the hand continued and then have regrets.

Don’t take things personally

If you get the wrong cards it doesn’t mean the dealer is out to get you. Things sometimes just go wrong. Even when something in poker seems like it’s directed at you personally, more often than not it isn’t. For example, imagine you’re the player who took a flier with a 7 of spades and 4 of hearts and you’re now at the receiving end of a telling off from the player you felt when he couldn’t let go of his pocket aces. It’s not really about you and he’s just upset about his bad luck or inability to spot the trap you set.

Probabilities are very real

The probability of a bad come is not just the only factor to keep in mind. You also need to take into account just how bad that outcome is. If on the other hand, the risk of a serious adverse effect was miniscule, you might decide to take it.

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