How Emotions Affect Your Online Poker Stack Size

Without saying, there is an obvious correlation how well you’re playing online poker and your current state of mind. A player who’s depressed or hungry is more likely to make mistakes than a player who has just finished eating and bursting with energy.

Here we will highlight how your emotions affect your stack size.

Feeling good leads to more wins

If you’re having a great day and are feeling energetic then you’re more likely to make more money at the poker table. Obviously this also depends on the choices you make. Choices made at the table are influenced by the mood you’re in at that given moment.

As an online poker player, you should only play cards when you’re in a great state of mind that leads to making money. Poker just cannot be played passively.

Win more, feel great

Remember that last time you had a winning session and you will remember instantly that great feeling of elation that followed. If you play online poker with this feeling and barring any cold decks, you can expect profits coming your way.

Breaking the cycle in online poker

Since poker players are vulnerable beings, you have to break other opponents’ cycle while at the same time be ready to protect yours.  Breaking a player who is enjoying a psychological high can easily lead to winning a single hand against them.

Also keep in mind though that you’d never want to play against other players who are at the top of their cycle if you don’t want to. Players at the top will make much stronger choices and plays and this in turn can lead to a tricky situation.

Never use online poker as a fun escape route

If you’re feeling down and need a great pick-me-up, online poker isn’t quite a great idea. If you’re feeling emotionally low, you will yearn to experience the feeling that a poker high brings. This ultimately leads to a sure loss and these mistakes cost you money.

Poker should never act as an escape route. Before you sit at a poker table, make sure you have a good grip on your emotional state so you can then better lay out your plan and make better and logical decisions. 

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