Bounty Tournament Strategy Tips

As it’s been mentioned in our previous article about Bounty Tournaments (part 1), they have been incredibly successful and players enjoy this type of poker tournaments thoroughly.

In every bounty tournament, the prize pool is subdivided into two sections: the freeze-out and the knockout one. Follow our latest tips to make sure you become a poker hero of bounty tournaments.

Figure out the Bounty’s worth in chips

To help you navigate these tournaments, it’s best to figure out the value of winning a bounty into tournament chips. This will allow you to sum up the actual worth of all-in calls.

To figure this out, you need to know the percentage of the entry fee going to the normal prize pool, how much the bounty pays and the starting stack.

Apply this amount to All-In Hands and Pots

Now that you know the bounty’s value, you can use this information to augment any pot where you’re setting up or calling an all-in.

Don’t be late

One of the implications of bounty tournaments is that the money is removed from the prizepool earlier than in a freezeout. In a normal poker tournament, cash only leaves as players are eliminated in the money.

If you register the tournament when a bounty has been eliminated, that sum is not available for you to win. The eliminated chips will further go to the remaining players in the field. It will be much harder to score the last few remaining knockouts.

Set up the battle

Play aggressively enough to stay above the chip stack majority around the table. When big poker hands come up, keep above chip average to increase your chances of cashing in on a bounty rather than losing out to another opponent who has a few more chips than you.

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