Bluffing Recreational Players at the Poker Table

May 31, 2016

One of the oldest rules in the book is to never bluff recreational players at online poker. However, if you never bluff these players at all, then you would be missing out on potentially profitable situations.

We are aware that this group of players enjoys calling more than anything. Once you learn how to read their actions, then it will be easy to pick pots when it is obvious that they don’t have anything with which to call you.

The Flop Donk bet

One particular trait that makes recreational players stand out in online poker is the way they limp into the pot with a range of hands. This is why we suggest that you raise them, especially in position with an equally wide range of hands.

Usually when they make a donk bet, it’s a clear sign that they have very little. They will often have a weak pair hand or a long-shot draw at the most. You can easily take down the pot right then and there with a simple raise.

You should raise donk bets with a wide range when you have connected with the flop in any way.

Bluffing on the Turn and River

You will occasionally get called as well. In that case you need to remember that they’re most likely hanging on with a weak pair or a weak draw. It doesn’t mean that you can’t win the pot.

If the draws miss on the turn and a scare card falls, you should have a go when they check to you. If they donk again, then they have some pair hand and it would be best to avoid bluffing then again you should just call the bet if you have any equity at all.

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