Unibet live casino and what it's like to be a dealer

By now, you should be familiar with our guide on how the Unibet live casino works. With a huge choice of games including blackjack, roulette and baccarat, this is the best way to get a great live experience and to feel as though you’re in the gaming halls of Las Vegas or Macau.

The introduction of live gaming has been a success for both operators and customers but what about the people who help to make it happen? As experienced players, we might take live dealers and croupiers for granted but without them, our live casino room just wouldn’t exist.

So let’s take a moment to take a ‘behind the scenes’ work of a live dealer and see just how they contribute to the great casino experience. For even more information about being a live dealer, check out our great interactive guide called "Life of a Vegas dealer". 


How does the Live Casino work?

To understand the live casino experience at Unibet, it’s a good idea to check out our comprehensive guide. Entitled ‘How Does Live Casino Work at Unibet’ it will guide you through the process right from sign up through to finding the game that suits your preferences and style of play.

Take a few moments to read through and this will give you a good grounding and will prepare you nicely for the time when you’re ready to hit the live tables for real. If that time has already come then please read on.

Place Your Bets

Live dealers are available at a host of games in our live casino rooms. The roulette lobby covers all the main variants of the game and there are some innovative twists too such as Lightning Roulette. If card games are your preference, you’ll find dealers available for poker, blackjack and baccarat.

Once again, within each game there are a number of different versions including classic variants like Live Roulette and some that are exclusive and special within the Unibet room. The presence of those dealers is intended to give you the best possible experience and one that mirrors casino play out in the real world. It just wouldn’t be the same without them, so let’s come back to our original question and ask what it’s like to be a dealer at Unibet.

Polished Live Casino Professionals

The key word for all of our dealers is ‘professional’. We wouldn’t allow anyone to host our live games unless they were highly trained and were experienced or confident enough to handle those games and allow everything to run smoothly and without delay. And it’s not just about learning the rules; in fact - it takes some time before our dealers even get to that stage…

Let’s take Live Blackjack as the example here and, as our students take up the challenge of becoming a live dealer, they will embark on an extensive course to develop their skills. The initial stages simply focus on the base mechanics behind the game and by that we mean shuffling and dealing cards plus the cutting of chips. Only when those practises have been perfected do we move on to the rules of the game itself. Once those rules have memorised, our students can progress to the audition stage.

This is an important process because there’s nothing more embarrassing for a dealer than a misdeal. If you’re playing with friends in the comfort of your own home, you can laugh it off when a card tumbles from your grip and lands face up in the middle of the table but that’s not the case at a licensed and professional online live casino. Reputations are on the line here so we simply have to take our would-be dealers through those base mechanics at the first stage of the learning procedure.

Completing the Picture

The training therefore makes a positive and comprehensive start but it’s important to finish strongly too. The ability to compute wins and losses and to count chips quickly is also vital. This is particularly important in roulette when there are so many different bets available at a wide set of odds. A player can also have multiple bets down on the table so it’s vital that winnings are calculated quickly and without error. Pay out too little and we have an angry customer while returns that are too high are going to incur the wrath of the house.

This is, therefore, the most comprehensive training process that we can possibly give our students as they set out on the road to becoming fully fledged dealers. Our players need to know that their games are being handled in a professional manner but at the same time, we recognise the need for them to feel at ease.

The Friendly Unibet Touch

Live dealers are trained to cover games with multiple opponents but for many of our account holders, the true live experience is amplified on a one to one basis. Games such as Blackjack or Caribbean Stud Poker are good examples of options where it’s essentially a battle between player and dealer.

Once again, that professional approach is maintained but it’s important for the atmosphere to be a relaxed one. Along with a general friendly disposition, our dealers are also aware that customers have the option to interact and to chat with them at intervals during the game.

To access the chat facility, simply click on the box and enter your message. Remember to keep things professional and above all, to keep the game flowing. There is a limit to the interaction and, as our dealers are focusing on game management, we would also ask you to play your part and to avoid any delays in the gameplay.

Real Versus Virtual Live Casino

You can still play versions of all the games mentioned here by using traditional casino software. There are no dealers involved here - just an automated service that allocates cards and spins the roulette wheel before calculating any wins and starting again.

The choice is completely yours but why should you consider playing at the live tables in preference to live casino play? To answer that, we can offer the opinions of players who have tried both options.

In regards to the traditional, automated service, there is the theory that shutting out any type of distraction can help the player to simply focus on the game in question. There is no live dealer to interact with and no apparent opponents so it’s really just you and the game. It’s a theory that we should certainly respect and it may well be a big reason as to why our traditional casino rooms remain so popular.

Additionally, the concept is close to classic video and arcade gaming and those customers who cross over to a casino to look for real stakes upgrades on this type of game will tend to stick with the traditional methods.

In contrast, the live rooms are busier but we think that this just adds up to the great experience. It’s simply more fun to be in a live room and to see real playing cards, real tables and a real roulette wheel. No matter how amazing virtual software can be, it will never match up to the original article that it’s aiming to depict.

In short, it’s all down to the kind of experience that you want and our live dealers have a very big part to play in that. If you like a quiet option with no frills, the original online casino is likely to be your best fit but if you’re looking for thrills instead, the live casino rooms simply have to be your destination.

Still unsure? Remember that you have the option to play both or to try out each style of play with small stakes before making up your mind. You can even find a casino bonus here.

Take the Plunge

By now you should have been given a great insight into the life of a dealer at Unibet’s Live Casino. Maybe you’d even like to take on the comprehensive training programme and give it a try yourself. But like most of our customers, you’ll probably just be content to hit the tables and play a few hands of your favourite card game or take some spins of the roulette wheel.

If you have already stepped into those live lobbies, you may already be aware of the dedication and professionalism of the dealers involved. Or, perhaps you’re just taking the process for granted and that’s OK: Like football referees, the best live dealers are the ones that you don’t really notice as they facilitate a smooth and serious game.

If you have yet to take the plunge and try out our live casino, this guide underlines the vital nature of those live dealers. Without them, we just wouldn’t have a game so this review is also intended to show our appreciation.

Above all, whether you are an experienced live casino player or you’re just starting out on your journey with us, that insight to life on the other side of the table will help you appreciate the gameplay a little better. Live casino rooms are thrilling and lively places so why not jump in and enjoy the best possible live experience online.

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