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Our Casino and Games pages offer a huge range of slot, table, and card games. You can play for fun, or play with real money. No download needed – just pick a game and play!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I look up a casino game I just played?

Yes you can, as long as you played for real money. Our system keeps the history of all the games you've played in the last 3 months. You can find this under Casino & Games Activity in your account.

I can’t find the details of the casino game I just played. Can I ask you for details?

Yes, you can. To help us find the game please contact us via live chat with the name of the game, the time you played (as accurately as possible), how much you staked and any potential winnings.


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I can’t work out how to play one of the casino games. What should I do?

Start off by playing for fun to learn how the games work. There’s always help available in the individual games – look for the word ‘Help’ or a question mark symbol.

Can I play casino games on my mobile or tablet?

Yes – we support both Android and iOS. You can visit our website on your device, or download one of our Unibet apps – we have Casino, Live Casino, and Spin City.

If you lose your connection or receive...

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