Verify Your Account

Why does my account have to be verified?

Like all licensed gambling operators, we are legally required to check the personal details you provide us with are correct. This protects all our players from identify theft, helps ensure transactions are swift and easy, and allows you to take full advantage of our site.

How do I verify my account?

Once you register, we attempt to electronically verify your personal details against official databases. However, in some cases, it’s not possible to verify you in this way, and we’ll then ask you to provide us with documents.

Before verifying, please check that the personal details on your account are correct. This will make sure the process is as seamless and smooth as possible. If we ask you to verify your account, you can then upload documents by logging in and heading to the Verify Your Account page.

Further verification

As well as verifying your personal details, sometimes we may also need to carry out further checks:

Verifying your payment method
We may ask you to upload documents to verify either your bank account, credit/debit card or other payment method. This is often related to a withdrawal request and verifying will help us process all your transactions quickly.

Verifying your Source of Funds
Most of our regular players will be asked at some point where the funds they deposit come from. We are legally required to ask this question, and provide a quick questionnaire which will appear on your verification page. Following this, occasionally some players may also be asked to provide documents to verify their source of income – you can read more about this process here.

Your privacy is important to us

We understand that you may have concerns about providing us with personal documents. Please be reassured that we respect your privacy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act, treat any information you send us as highly confidential. We receive your documents via secure end-to-end transfer and they are either processed internally or by trusted third parties.

Verify your account