Login Problems

Forgotten login details

Forgotten your username?
Try your email address instead.

Forgotten your password?
Reset your password using the 'Forgot?' link in the login box.

Is your account blocked?
This may only be a temporary block. If this is the case, you should be able to reset your password using the 'Forgot?' link in the login box.

Self-exclusion / Take a Break

You won't be able to access your account during a self-exclusion period, and our support agents cannot reopen your account early under any circumstances. Please wait until the period comes to an end - if you've 'taken a break' your account will automatically reactivate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my password?

You can change your password whenever you want. Log in to Unibet and go to Edit Details in your account. You can change your password under 'Security'.

Can I change my username?

No, your Unibet username cannot be changed as this is what makes your account unique.

My account is blocked. What should I do?

There are various reasons why your account may be blocked, but in some circumstances you can fix this issue yourself. If you've been blocked due to entering your password incorrectly, this should just...

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Can I have more than one account with Unibet?

No - you can only have one account. If you're not sure whether you have an account with us already, please contact us and we can check. Please don't open a second account.