What Are Progressive Jackpots?

Online casino slot machines can provide two types of jackpot: The first of these is fixed (also referred to as non-progressive) and isn’t altered at any stage of the game. Players can find details of this amount via the paytable and they will know exactly what’s at stake as the game moves on.

The second is referred to as a Progressive Jackpot and this is where things can get really interesting.


What is a Progressive Jackpot?

As the name suggests, a progressive jackpot, unlike the fixed or non-progressive version, has the capacity to increase. Every time a player takes a spin, a small percentage of the coin stake is added to the overall pot. These increments are taken from other casinos that host the game - not just Unibet - and the jackpot continues to move upwards until it is won.

There is a wide choice of slot games that carry a progressive jackpot. Some of our players’ favourites include Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune Dreams and Cosmic Fortune and, as we’ll see shortly, the sums involved can be astronomical.

Jackpot Meters

The way that Progressive Jackpots work makes the numbers very fluid. The increases can seem to go up in the blink of an eye but it’s very easy to keep track of what’s at stake. Each game that carries this style of jackpot will provide a prominent meter which shows exactly what’s available ahead of each spin.

This meter is usually placed at the very top of the screen but it can also appear at the bottom left. While the exact location may vary it’s always brightly coloured and obvious to spot.

Maximum Coins

If you are interested in playing online casino games that offer progressive jackpots then please be aware that you will usually need to be playing with the max bet. Like all slot games, there will be a range of stakes available but the maximum coin must be in play for the progressive jackpot to become available.

This won’t be for everyone so, if you aren’t comfortable with increasing to the max coin stake, there are hundreds of fixed jackpot games available at Unibet.

Tips on Winning a Progressive Jackpot

If you want to take on casino slots that feature a progressive jackpot, here are some tips that may increase your chances of winning.

Take Care of Budgets

Before taking a spin, check on the terms and conditions and find out the exact amount of the max bet. Set a budget ahead of your time on the slots and be sure to stay within your own staking limits.

Look for ‘Overdue’ Jackpots

When you enter a games lobby, a list of games featuring progressive jackpots will be shown. Players can then choose from Mega Moolah, Arabian Nights and all others but, those who are seriously hunting down the big prizes will choose wisely.

If a jackpot is showing at a low level, it’s likely that the big prize isn’t ready to land just yet. This factor isn’t guaranteed but in general, the top progressive sum will not pay out until it’s reached a certain level. Ideally, we’re looking for a progressive jackpot that is ‘overdue’.

Six figure sums are not uncommon in slot machine wins so, when looking at the figures involved, is there a game where the jackpot looks particularly swollen? Use your judgement to make a call and get on board if the figures appear exceptionally big.

Do the Sums

Dedicated players can, potentially, take things further by monitoring the points when jackpots pay out and using this as a possible indicator moving forward. It’s actually quite easy to do this because casinos want to be open and transparent about how much is being paid out in winnings.

Players can, therefore, look at the exact sums that have been won at progressive jackpot games. If there is a pattern developing over time, this can also be used to speculate on future returns.

Boosting Your Balance

Even the high rollers will look to mix their slot play at times. Progressive Jackpots do land and we’ll be looking at some record wins in a moment but, in relative terms, they are quite rare. It can, therefore, be wise to play a range of slot machines rather that focus on the potential for one big payday.

Slot games such as Wild Run and When Pigs Fly carry an increased set of paylines in the base game and, while there are no guarantees, titles like these can lead to smaller wins on a more regular basis.

We would also suggest looking out for offers and promotions related to the slots. It’s all about looking for ways to mix up your play and to boost your account balance rather than aim solely for a big progressive jackpot.

Of course, the big prizes are there to be won and, it’s now time to take a look at the biggest slot wins to date.

1. Mega Fortune: 17,861,800 Euros

At the end of 2018, the world record for highest ever slot win stood at this incredible figure. Won by a spectacularly lucky player in Finland, the payout was in Euros and it’s a figure that translates into some £16.5 million pounds at the time of writing.

Mega Fortune was the slot machine in question and this is one of the oldest online games still available. Released by NextGen, this slot has been providing Progressive Jackpot wins since way back in 2009 but this colossal prize will take some beating. What makes this win even more incredible is the fact that the outlay was just 25 cents and from there, a truly life-changing sum spun in.

That record has stood since 2013 and while it may be set to stand for a few more years, there are many more multi-million winners just bubbling under.

2. Mega Moolah: £13.2 million

We fast forward just two years to find Cheshire’s Jonathan Heywood trying his luck at Mega Moolah. Another hugely popular and productive slot that has been online since 2006, this title has been producing happy winners for more than a decade but this is another sum that proves how one spin can change everything.

Once again, the outlay was relatively modest and from a 25p spin, Mr Heywood suddenly became a multi millionaire. It was all in a good cause too as the recipient of this mighty progressive jackpot revealed that he intended to use the money to help his sick father and that’s a positive path for another good luck story.

3. Mega Fortune: 11,736,375 Euros

It’s back to the popular Mega Fortune slot to provide the third highest progressive jackpot payout of all time. At the time, this 2011 payout was a world record and it went to a lucky player in Norway when he took a few spins after struggling to get to sleep.

There cannot be too many positive sides to insomnia but the lucky recipient of this multi million pound sum would have been grateful for the disturbed night. We suspect that sleep continued to prove elusive when the awesome progressive jackpot actually landed.

4. Mega Fortune: £9.57 Million

While there are many games that feature progressive jackpots, chances are you’re starting to take an interest in Mega Fortune. This classic slot was also responsible for the fourth biggest payout to date when a lucky winner from Sweden scooped this astonishing prize in 2015.

The man, known only as Alexander, declared that he would use the money to pay off his mortgage but clearly there would have been some considerable surplus.

5. Mega Moolah: $9.2 Million

Like many of the big slot winners, the recipient of this $9.2 million payout chose to remain anonymous. What we do know is that Mega Moolah was, once again, the source of another multi million monster payout.

This colossal cash win landed when the player was operating at $7.20 per spin. We’ve therefore finally seen that most progressive jackpots are triggered when the big stakes are in play but that still represents a huge return on investment.

Over to You

Just two slot games take their places in the top five list of all time payouts but that doesn’t mean you should restrict your online play to Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune.

Progressive jackpots can also appear at the gaming tables and, if you want to switch from slots and focus on the cards for a while, we suggest taking a look at Caribbean Stud Poker.

That’s an option if you’re new to the slots but remember, you can always click on demo play before tackling the real money version of any title. It’s the perfect way to take some trial spins while getting used to the gameplay and bonus features and who knows, it could be the first step on the way to a mighty progressive jackpot.

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