Best Slingo Games Casino Guide

When you talk to friends about the amazing games available in an online casino, how often do Slingo Games come up in conversation? If you’re new to Slingo Games then you may not be aware of the excitement and entertainment available in these fun, interactive casino slots.

This guide will teach you all about Slingo Games, from their origins in the 1990s through to today’s immersive gameplay experiences. The games are sometimes known as Slingo bingo and are at their basic level a mix of bingo and slots.

Make no mistake, the evolution of this game has captivated millions of players over the decades.

Read on to learn what Slingo Games actually are, how to master tactics, which are the best games and how to chase big jackpots. Once you’ve read this guide you’ll be ready to enter the casino and play on the best Slingo Games online anywhere!


What are Slingo Games?

Slingo Games is a term used for a number of online slots created by UK firm Slingo. The games originated in the mid-1990s and used a mix of bingo and slots to create the ultimate casino experience.

Each game roughly plays along the same format, where players spin reels and match up numbers to those on the grid. The more lines you complete, the closer you get to a big jackpot payout.

What makes Slingo casino games such fun is the feeling that the next spin could land you a big flourish. There is often a ladder at the side of the main game that shows how close you are to a payout or a bonus round.

What’s more, the bet range in Slingo Games is perfect for players both new and experienced in the casino. You can set your bet level to suit your budget and one bet lasts a lot longer than a classic casino slot machine. This means you get more gametime for your bet, as well as a great chance to win big!


How to play a Slingo game

You may have heard of some of the most popular Slingo Games, such as Slingo Rainbow Riches and Slingo Monopoly. In general all games run along the same gameplay rules. The basic principle is to tick off numbers of a 5x5 grid, and in doing so complete lines. These lines run horizontally, diagonally and vertically over the grid. There are 12 lines in total and most games offer a minimum payout at five lines.

Your bet earns you around 10 spins on the game (it could be more spins, depending on which Slingo Game you choose). Once you spin, a row of reels above or below the main grid will turn and settle on a bunch of numbers. If these numbers correspond to those in the main grid, they are ticked off.

Tick off more numbers to complete lines. Complete more lines to win bigger payouts!

Let’s take you through an example game:

When you enter a Slingo Game your first task is to set a bet limit you’re comfortable with. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start the game.

  1. You enter Slingo Carnival and set the minimum bet for the game. You click START GAME to get going.
  2. You notice there are 10 balls in the container at the side of the main game. On the first spin, one ball drops out of the container. You now have 9 spins left.
  3. Meanwhile, the bottom bar has spun and revealed numbers on reels 1 and 3 correspond with those on the grid! The grid numbers turn into stars and are ‘ticked off’.
  4. You continue spinning and soon complete five lines! That means you’ve nailed a minimum payout.
  5. On your last spin you complete your eighth line. You’ve unlocked the balloon bonus game, where you stand to win a mega payout!

Slingo Games Bonus Features 

The beauty of Slingo Games and one of the reasons many players keep coming back to their favourite games are the bonus features involved. All Slingo slots have basic bonus features that you will likely see during your gameplay. These are:

  • Joker—Randomly sits on a spun reel and lets you choose which box from the grid directly above or below to tick off.
  • Super Joker—Another symbol that randomly sits on a spun reel. This time you can select any box on the grid to tick off!
  • Devil—Blocks any win on its line if it sits on the reel.
  • Free Spin—A random symbol that earns you an extra free spin, which could help land you a bigger payout!

What’s more, some Slingo Games offer bonus levels where you can transform your win into an even bigger payout. These bonus levels are dependent on how many lines you finish with at the end of the main game. In Slingo Centurion, for example, you could play bonus levels such as Prizes on Parade, Road to Rome or Reelus Maximus!

Each game that offers these bonus games provides an extensive information guide on how to play them. They are designed to increase the excitement and possibly offer an even bigger reward once the main game is over.

Top Slingo Games and how to play them

There are loads of Slingo Games available in the casino for you to enjoy whenever you like. However, some have proven more popular with players over the years than others. So, let’s take a look at the top Slingo Games and what makes them stand out from the crowd:

Slingo Rainbow Riches 

The luck of the Irish can bestow anyone who gets the play Slingo Rainbow Riches online! This game is popular not only because of the immersive graphics and fun audio soundtrack but because of the bonus games. These range from the Wishing Well and Cash Crop bonuses to the Magic Toadstool and Pots of Gold rounds. You have the chance to win a x1000 win multiplier in Pots of Gold, which could transform your bet into a fortune!

Slingo Monopoly 

The classic board game hits the online casino with Slingo Monopoly, where you must tick off properties to complete those winning lines. This game is perfect for players who love stylish visual graphics and the chance to win from the off. Slingo Monopoly offers a payout at 1 line, and instead of spinning reels you roll the dice to move around the Monopoly board.

Slingo XXXtreme

A full house in Slingo XXXtreme will earn you x1000 your bet. This is why many online casino players head to this game. Slingo XXXtreme marries great visual effects with dramatic gameplay. You start with 11 spins, which is more than average, and the Coins symbol awards an instant cash prize. What’s more, get the Joker Bonus when three or more Jokers land at once for a big instant reward.

Best Slingo Jackpots

What’s great about these games is the boffins at Slingo are always coming up with fresh jackpot ideas. For example, the jackpot in Slingo XXXtreme is a staggering x1000 your bet, if you get lucky. Here are some of the best Slingo jackpots to look out for…

Slingo Deal or No Deal

This version of the classic Deal or No Deal TV show keeps you on your toes from start to finish. The banker will offer you a deal at four slingos, which you can choose to accept or reject. Keep playing to compete for a jackpot of x20 your bet by securing a full house. And remember, this game is different to ‘normal’ Slingo Games. You’re not chasing lines but slingos, which are hidden the 25 boxes on the grid. Good luck!

Slingo Extreme 

Our Joker is back with a thrilling Slingo offering that provides a x500 jackpot for a full house. Slingo Extreme starts with 11 spins and there are plenty of additional ways to win. One is the Scatter bonus, where nailing three or more Joker Scatters on the spinning reels can earn you up to x5 your bet as an immediate win!

Slingo Showdown 

Welcome to the Wild West, where your task is to shoot through the matching cards and complete winning lines just like in any other Slingo game! But Slingo Showdown is a game with a difference. Here, you can earn additional jackpot bonuses by securing poker hands during each spin. That’s because each spin provides you with five fresh cards, which tick off the matching values in the grid. Should your five cards correspond to a poker hand - such as Two Pair, Straight for even Flush - then you’ll win an extra reward. Nail a Royal Flush for x50 your bet, while the Slingo Showdown jackpot for a full house on the grid is x30 your bet!


Best Slingo Tactics

There are plenty of Slingo betting guides online to help you navigate your way through these immersive games. But in reality you don’t need a long tactics guide to help you perfect your game. The beauty of Slingo is you have the chance to influence the result of your game by being smart with your choices. Here are the best Slingo tactics that every player should employ…

Tactic 1: Choose your Jokers carefully. When you land a Joker or Super Joker on the spinning reels you’ll have the chance to select where that Joker goes on the grid. Don’t just randomly choose a box! Remember, most times you are trying to complete lines on the 5x5 grid and there are some boxes that are better to tick off than others. The best box to tick off is the centre, as that can be used in FOUR winning lines. The corners are part of THREE winning lines. So, if you have a Joker and can choose either the centre or the corner boxes, these are the places to target!

Tactic 2: Consider bonus spins. If you are close to a big win at the end of your spins, the game may offer you a chance to spin again. It’s always worth taking your time and considering if the extra spin is worth it. Every Slingo Game highlights your total bet and current winnings. If you think it’s worth paying for an extra spin then go for it!

Tactic 3: Set your bet limit. Slingo Games offer a wide bet range to suit players of all experience levels. This is perfect if you’re new to the casino, because you can bet low and often in order to improve your knowledge of the game! Be sure to set a budget and stick within your limit at all times.

Tactic 4: Explore the Slingo suite. The casino offers over 15 Slingo games, which means there’s bound to be one that’s right for you. This includes classics such as Slingo Rainbow Riches and Slingo Fortunes, as well as TV-themed games like Slingo Britain’s Got Talent and Slingo Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Each game offers its unique blend of bingo and slots, so be  sure to explore the casino and find your perfect match.


Give Slingo Games a try today!

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