What are the various types of online bingo games?

If you are quite new to the game of online bingo, then you might possibly be wondering what the difference is between the various types of online bingo games. Even though there are different types of games, it doesn’t meant they will be any more difficult or less fun. You can rest assured that these games will give you even bigger and better opportunities to land yourself some extra cash.


90 Ball Bingo

90 ball bingo is played with 9x3 tickets where prizes are awarded solely on horizontal lines and there are only three of them. Since only three prizes can be won, these bingo games are usually completed a lot faster than the 75 ball ones. Of course there is also the 90 ball speed room where you can experience the fastest games in the house!

75 Ball Bingo

Each tickets consists of a grid of 25 squares on 5 rows and 5 columns in 75 ball bingo. The square in the centre is “free”, which is marked with a start. There is a total of 5 prizes to be won, one for each additional line, culminating with the full house. In 75 ball bingo, the first line can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical and all following lines must be horizontal.

75 Ball Variant Bingo

This is a no brainer. 75 ball variant bingo is a variant of 75 ball. Tickets are sold in strips of 3, where all 75 numbers are represented once per strip. These games are the ones with the biggest prize pools and with the biggest possible winnings from the progressive jackpot as the share won is scaled according to ticket price.

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