Play Free Online Bingo with Unibet Today!

May 23, 2017

Have you heard the great news? Unibet are now offering Free Bingo!

We are offering our players 14 days of access to ‘’Centre Court’’, our online bingo room for beginners. The best part about our free online bingo offer is that you are actually playing for real prizes. Another thing that is unique about Unibet’s free bingo offer is that you do not even have to make a deposit, its literally free bingo with no deposit required.

As a new player you will need to sign up for your Unibet account which is totally free, you can then create your online bingo profile where you set up an alias and pick your lucky number, afterwards you will be granted access to ‘’Centre Court’’ the bingo room for beginners.

Learn More about Unibet’s Free Online Bingo Offer

If you are interested in learning how to play online bingo but you are not sure you want to make a monetary commitment yet, you can sign up for free and play in our free online bingo room every day between 14:30 – 19:00 for 14 days from when you join. During this time, you will get four and a half hours of free bingo games, cheap tickets, and other features. All winnings from free games are be paid out in bingo bonus vouchers that you can exchange for bingo tickets, and Mini-Game spins.

Unibet’s Online Bingo Game features

The Unibet Bingo experience is fun and social, with a variety of rooms to play in. There are big jackpots to win and a brilliant chat feature, which really makes Unibet bingo an interactive social game! To top it all off there is an excellent array of fun Mini-Games to play.

The different types of online bingo you can play with Unibet are;

  • 75-ball bingo - One of the most popular forms of bingo, this type comes with 5x5 tickets, where there are prizes on lines 1-4 and the full house.
  • 75-ball variant - A variation of the regular 75 Ball, where you buy strips of three 5x5 tickets.
  • 90-ball bingo - Most popular in Northern Europe, the game is played with 9x3 tickets, each with 15 numbers on them. Prizes are awarded on lines 1 and 2, and on the full house.

You can learn more about the various online bingo games we offer by reading this bingo guide! Remember to come back every day in order to make the most of our free online bingo offer. You can play online bingo from your tablet or mobile too.

Sign up and play free online Bingo today!