Online Bingo vs Land Based Bingo

Bingo continues to gain popularity from people from all walks of life. It seems to be one of those universal games with no boundaries and its popularity keeps on growing continuously.

Because online bingo sites have been designed to resemble real bingo halls, they have become more popular for people who don’t want to leave the house. Online bingo games try to capture the look and feel of the real deal.

One of the biggest of differences is its convenience. You don’t have to be present at a bingo hall to play online bingo. You can easily play from the privacy of your own home without having to get dressed up.

This also extends to game schedules as well. While land-based bingo games are set to a fixed schedule a few times over a week, online bingo gives you the opportunity to play whenever you want because games are on all the time. At a bingo hall, you have to play only what is available while at online bingo, you can pick the game of your choice from a variety of rooms.

Then there are the number of in-game functions that make playing online bingo easier. The “auto-daub” function automatically marks the numbers on your cards. Then there’s always the added advantage of socialisation. Bingo players love to interact and interaction flows freely during games. During land-based bingo games, players tend to mingle during breaks and not during games as they need to pay full attention to the numbers being called.

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