How to play online Bingo – Newbie’s guide

March 2, 2018

Since there are various types of online bingo games, we understand that it can get a tad confusing if you’ve never played this fun game before. This is why, we’ve created a handy guide that highlights general rules on how to play online bingo as well as some tips on how to collect your winnings.

Main setup in Online Bingo

The main bingo window will contain information as following:

  • Your Cards
  • The current number and other numbers previously called
  • A list of other players
  • A chat room where you can chat with other players during the game

How to play online Bingo

Getting started: At Unibet, you have the opportunity to play free online bingo for real cash. When you register, you will be given exclusive access to our Beginners’ room for 7 days where you will able to practice and claim prizes.

You will get three cards per game as well as a chat area where you will be able to chat with other bingo players. There’s no need to get your dauber out as the game will automatically daub numbers called out.

Online Bingo step-by-step:

  • Purchase one or more cards
  • When the game begins, numbers will be randomly selected and called out
  • The numbers on your cards will automatically be marked
  • If you manage to create a pattern with your winning numbers you win

Socialising in Online Bingo

After you have spent some time playing online bingo, you will start recognising some user names as regulars. This usually gives way to some chatting. Although socialising isn’t mandatory and you can choose to just sit down and play, you have the option to chat with other bingo players to make playing a more enjoyable experience.

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