Bingo Psychology – The netiquette of online bingo chat

Just as important as how one should behave in an online bingochat game, there are things that one should never do in the same scenario. Every bingo room offers bingo chat which comes with its own rules and netiquette. It is important that you as bingo player know the general guidelines and how to behave so everyone can have a pleasant experience without being asked to leave.

Do not yell in Caps in Bingo Rooms

Typing in all capital letters could easily be a mistake and it’s actually a common one that most beginners make. However when you type in all caps in a bingo chat, it is considered as yelling at other members of the room. This can be seen as disruptive to a game so there’s an unspoken rule for all that no one uses caps except in the use of single works that are acronyms such as LOL.

Also avoid using strong punctuations such as exclamation marks or quotations as these are also considered as being condescending.

No talk of politics and religion in the bingo rooms

Politics, religion and sex are only a few topics that should not be mentioned in the chat room. You also shouldn’t bring up race, ethnicity or someone’s inability to type the English language well or spell. All these things can be seen as slurs and could see you being kicked out of the bingo room.

Keep in mind that online bingo is similar to the real thing. You play against other players to have fun and win. Since no one can see the real you online, you will be judged on how you conduct yourself during these games and how you speak since they are unable to see the expression on your face or hear the tone of voice.

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